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FRAC’s Weekly News Digest

…highlights what’s new on hunger, nutrition, and poverty issues at FRAC, at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, around the network of national, state, and local anti-poverty and anti-hunger organizations, and in the media. The Digest will alert you to trends, reports, news items and resources and, when available, link you directly to them.

Past Issues

Food Insecurity and Hunger in the U.S.: New Research

…summarizes recent and important food insecurity and hunger research from academia, government agencies, think tanks, and health and policy organizations to ensure that the newest, most interesting, and most important research is accessible and reaches a wide audience. The newsletter, published three times a year, is intended for advocates, policymakers, researchers, journalists, nutrition program providers, educators, health professionals, and others who care about these issues.

Past Issues:

FRAC Focus: Obesity and Poverty

…focuses on obesity as it relates to low-income children and adults, looking at the intersection of obesity, income, food insecurity, the federal nutrition programs, and federal food and nutrition policy. Each issue highlights relevant research and reports recently released from academia, government agencies, and health and advocacy organizations.

Past Issues: